Beate Löffler


► Short CV

Beate Löffler received an engineering degree in Architecture (University of Applied Studies in Potsdam) and majored in Medieval History and the History of Art (TU Dresden) afterwards. Inspired by onsite experiences in Tokyo, she did a doctoral study on Christian church architecture in Japan, which was completed in 2009. She led the research group Urban Systems in East Asia during the first funding period and left for a guest fellowship at the Ruhr University Bochum. She returned as postdoctoral fellow to resume her postdoctoral research project on knowledge production and knowledge management in cultural communication between actors of western nations and Japan. Furthermore, she explores epistemological approaches to holistically trace and analyse the processes of change and adaptation on one hand and persistence on the other hand that shape today’s urban environments in Tokyo.

► Research Interests
  • History of Architecture and Building Construction
  • Japanese Studies
  • Urban History
  • Discourses on Architecture and Urban Development
  • Cultural identity in relation to architecture and religion
  • History of Sciences and Knowledge Systems
  • Global History