Connor Malloy


► Short CV

Connor Malloy is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute of East Asian Studies of the University of Duisburg-Essen. He completed his doctoral studies in 2019 in Duisburg with a focus on ethnic Hui communities in urban China. His research investigated the interplay between local economies and the maintenance and adaptation of ethnic identity. Connor Malloy is currently involved in the DFG-funded research project Language, Migration, and Happiness which investigates linguistic engagements among migrant communities in Germany.

► Latest Publication

Malloy, Connor (2020): Local Varieties of Olympic Wrestling – Mongolia. In: International Journal of Wrestling Science, 10(1): 15–19.

► Presentations

2019.09.19: Raising Champions: a Social-Science Research Project on Wrestling Communities. – Annual UWW Scientific Commission Meeting, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

2018.07.09-12: Locality and Muslim Communities in Urban China. – International Conference on China Urban Development, Glasgow, UK.

2017.06.21-23: Practicing livelihood and identity: A study on the (re)production of Muslim ethnic spaces in urban China. – DFG Risk and East Asia June Workshop, Duisburg, Germany.

2016.09.26-28: 城镇化实践:一个关于搬迁居民社区的社会学研究 [urbanization practices: a sociological study on communities and residential relocation]. – University of Duisburg-Essen and Renmin University Joint Seminar, Beijing, China.

► Fieldwork

10–11.2019: Mongolia, funded by United World Wrestling

09.2016–06.2017: China, funded by DFG

► Teaching

SS 2020: The Chinese Society (Seminar)

WS 2020/21: Recent Developments in the Chinese Society (Seminar)

► Scholarships and Awards

Raising Champions Research Project – UWW Research Grant (2019)

DFG Risk and East Asia Research Training Group 1613 – Doctoral Fellow Stipend (2015–2018)

► Research Interests
  • Ethnicity
  • Islam in China
  • Global local interactions
  • Economic sociology
  • Sports Ethnography

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