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Master Program MA CEAS:
Master Program MA MEAS:
PhD Program DFG Research Training Group Risk and East Asia
Bachelor Program BA MOAS:
IN-EAST in general:
Summer School:

Postal Address:
Institute of East Asian Studies IN-EAST
University of Duisburg-Essen
47048 Duisburg, GERMANY

Visitor address:
Campus Duisburg
Building LE, 7th floor (IN-EAST and Research Training Group)
47057 Duisburg, GERMANY
Building SG, 1st floor (IN-EAST School of Advanced Studies)
Geibelstr. 41
47057 Duisburg, GERMANY

Managing Director:
Helmut Demes
Building LE, Room 712 (7th floor)
Consultation hours by appointment
Phone: +49 (0) 203 379-4191, Fax: -4157

Coordination Units: 
Claudia Hausmann (IN-EAST)
Building LE, Room 730 (7th floor)
Office hours: Mon–Thur, 9–13 
Phone: +49 (0) 203 379-4113, Fax: -4157

Vinita Samarasinghe (Research Training Group 1613 Risk and East Asia)
Building LE, 7th floor, Room 732
Phone: +49 (0)203 379-2249, Fax: -4157

Birgit Geith (IN-EAST School of Advanced Studies)
Building SG, 1st floor, Room 171
Phone: +49 (0)203 379-5193, Fax: -3611

For a pdf download of the Institute Flyer please click  here.

Map and Directions

The Institute of East Asian Studies is located on the Duisburg Campus of the University of Duisburg-Essen, in Building LE (red area above), with the main entry on "Forsthausweg". The IN-EAST School of Advanced Studies is in Building SG, first floor (orange indication above), Geibelstraße 41. Bus service to the University stops on the "Lotharstraße" (Buses 924 and 933 from the Duisburg main train station, as noted above). Buses leave every 7,5 minutes during business hours, and the journey to the university takes about 12 minutes. Taxis are always waiting at the main train station (the East Exit of the train station will place you on the side closest to the university). The journey by taxi takes less than 10 minutes, and depending on traffic will cost between 6 and 8 Euros. By foot, the journey from the main train station (not shown on this map) takes about 30 minutes.

Taxi Drivers usually know the name of the building (LE, in German pronounced as "LA"), but it might be best to also indicate the street "Forsthausweg" and show the driver the building on the map above.

Offices of the Professors and their Secretaries, the Research Training Group "Risk and East Asia", most of the Research Staff, the Managing Director and Coordination Unit are located mainly on the 7th floor, with Language Training, Library Support and other functions located on the 6th floor.

Important telephone numbers: Institute Managing Director, Helmut Demes 0203 379-4191,
Coordination Unit, Claudia Hausmann 0203 379-4113,
Coordinator DFG Research Training Group, Vinita Samarasinghe 0203 379-2249,
Coordination IN-EAST School of Advanced Studies, Birgit Geith 0203 379-5193.

For a pdf download of "Map and Directions" please click here.