IN-EAST Welcome Center for Incoming Exchange Students

Preparing your stay and studying abroad is a huge challenge, especially if you have never been to your new guest country before or do not have enough language proficiency to get around completely on your own. That’s where the IN-EAST Welcome Center (IWC) comes in. We offer many services to exchange students who visit us from our exchange partners in China and Japan. We work closely with people at the International Office of your university to support you so your stay in Germany will not only be instructive but also free from unnecessary hassle. Here is what we do:

  1. We have prepared informative guides on how to reserve a room online in one of the University of Duisburg-Essen’s (hereafter: UDE) dormitories in both Chinese and Japanese;
  2. We offer video clips to introduce the university and the city to you;
  3. We try to answer your questions before you come to Germany;
  4. Even before you arrive in Germany, we assign a German student to you as your personal "buddy" who will help you in many ways, e.g. find the way to your dormitory and do the necessary paperwork, register with local authorities, enroll at UDE and get your student ID, open a bank account, get internet access etc. Your buddy has been learning your language for at least a year and speaks English.
  5. We put together your personal learning agreement to make sure you know where and when your courses take place.
  6. We bring together exchange students and German students for language exchange ("tandem partnerships") and for the exchange of information and experiences regarding all aspects of studying abroad.
  7. During your stay at UDE, we are there for you should you face any difficulties or need assistance.

Here are some links that may be helpful for you:

The IWC is located in building LE, office 734.