Important not for changes of your degree programme

General information on changes of your degree programme is available here (German only). Please pay attention to the deadlines!

11. Note for changes of your degree programme

Non-EU citizens are unfortunately not free to change degree course or university. This means that you always have to ask the immigration office first about any planned changes. This applies especially if the change of degree course is after the 3rd semester – which is often a problem according to the law (AufenthG). If the immigration office agrees to the change you can continue your studies without problems as long as you earn enough credits. 

The same applies to part-time studies. Non-EU citizens are generally only allowed to study full time. Please ask your local immigration office before you re-register to part-time.

It is your risk: If the change is not accepted by the immigration office, your further stay in Germany is in danger. The worst case is that you will not be allowed to finish your studies and you will need to leave Germany ahead of schedule.

If you receive official letters like “Anhörung” and “Ordnungsverfügung” please be warned. If you are not allowed to stay and do not leave Germany (voluntary), you will be (involuntarily) deported.  Afterwards your re-entry, including to other Schengen countries, will be blocked for several years.

If you have questions you can ask Ms. Reinhardt, Duisburg’s Foreigners' Office, Tuesday at 10-13 h on campus in SG 144.