Documentation and feedback

Documenting tandem learning is an extremely useful way of keeping track of your level of proficiency. You should therefore take a little time at the end of each session to write down what you have learned, or make a note of problem areas and your most common source of errors. This will help you to monitor your progress more effectively, compare your levels of proficiency at the beginning and throughout the learning process, and work out exactly where you still encounter problems.

Tracking performance in this way increases your motivation and allows you to keep a check on your progress; it highlights where you have room for improvement, whether your learning objectives are realistic, and how effective your methods really are.

In the Download Area you will find a draft of a Learner's Diary to help you document your tandem learning experience.

You can also help us to improve the project by completing the relevant feedback questionnaires on a regular basis: one roughly 3 months after starting tandem learning, another roughly six months on, and the final one when you have completed tandem learning. You can call up the questionnaires in the Download Area, fill in your details and return the form to us by clicking the Send button. As always, we treat all data strictly confidentially and do not pass on any information to anyone else.