Study courses with admissions restrictions (Numerus Clausus)

What are admissions restrictions?

If the university expects to have more applicants than there are places, course university entrance will be limited by admissions restrictions. The term admissions restrictions is a synonym for numerus clausus (NC) and refers to the number of limited openings. There are national and local (relating to one specific university) admission restrictions.
These restrictions can apply to a main course of study as well as to a particular minor subject (for example teacher training courses).

What are central or local NCs?

Central admissions restrictions require that you apply at the ZVS if you have a German education or are a citizen of the EU. Those who have neither German nor EU citizenship have to apply to the international admissions office directly.

The local admissions procedure is executed by the registrar's office and the international office of the University Duisburg-Essen.

Is my desired course of study restricted?

Please find (the) information in the column 'NC' of the PDF file. If you are interested in a study course with the target degree teaching qualification, you should check for possible admissions restrictions in your second major subject or subsidiary subjects.

How does this effect my application?The number of the admitted candidates is fixed for NC-courses.

It is not possible to predict your chances of admission from earlier admission limitations, because the admission criteria are newly determined every semester. The criteria are based on the number of applicants (and their grades) and the number of openings for the particular semester.

The admissions procedure to restrictive study courses is very complex. Therefore the early application deadline must be met without fail. It also might take longer for you to receive your letter of admission.
Since there are several rounds of admissions procedure (it is possible for students to move up in the waiting list if a person decides not to accept admission or cancels), it is even possible that you might receive your letter of admission not until the beginning of lectures and will be registered at short notice. This however, requires that you already have language skills that are up to the standard of the DSH-exam 2 /TestDaF 4 (or better).

Where should I apply?

You will find an overview on INCOMING STUNDENTS

What should I do if I don't get admitted?

You can enter a drawing if you have received a notification of rejection, fulfill the German language requirements, and apply for the drawing in time:


In order to grant yourself a backup plan, it is advisable to apply alternatively for a course of study without admissions restrictions. If you have received a letter of admission for this course, you will be informed early and can definitely register. If you also receive a letter of admission for the restricted course, it is even better. Then you can choose between both courses.