Step 9 - Enrolment

 Please complete the Enrolment application and bring the signed application from and the following original documents with you when you come to enrol at the International Office:

  • Highest school-leaving certificate
  • Graded report if your school-leaving certificate does not indicate your final grades
  • Certificate showing your academic title if you have already graduated from a degree programme
  • Summary of subjects and grades from your degree programme if you have studied before
  • APS certificate for applicants from China, Mongolia and Vietnam
  • Certificate from your assessment test if you have completed a Studienkolleg preparatory course
  • Evidence of your language skills (depending on the requirements of your programme, see Step 3). The supporting document must contain details of the level achieved in the language
  • Original translations of all documents in German or English by a certified translator
  • Letter of acceptance to the language course or letter of admission to the degree programme
  • Passport
  • A passport photo that reflects your current appearance
  • Confirmation that you are a member of a German health insurance scheme
  • De-registration certificate and certificate of good standing if you have studied in Germany before

*Enrolment is only possible during the opening hours!*


Semester Fee

All students are required to pay the semester fee. It is not a tuition fee and must be paid by every student per semester, irrespective of when they enrol. Once you have enrolled, we will send you a bank transfer form so that you can pay your semester fee at your bank in Germany.

Further information about the Semester Fee

Semester Ticket

After enrolment, and once the semester fee has been received by the university (please allow 3 working days) you can use the Semester Ticket (VRR and NRW-ticket) by downloading the Campus-App myUDE (

Further information about theSemester Ticket

Student Identity card

All students are issued a student identity card, which can be collected from the Front Office after enrolment. The student identity card doubles as your library card and Mensa card with payment chip. You can use the identity card at the self-service stations (to print student certificates, make changes to your address, print bank transfer slips).

The card is the property of the University of Duisburg-Essen. As a student identity card it is personal to you and cannot be used by anybody else. It becomes void when you are de-registered from the University and must be returned to the registrar’s office or the International Office.

If your card is lost or damaged, you can apply for a new one only at the registrar’s office during the opening hours.

Further information about theStudent Identity Card

User ID (“Unikennung”)

All students newly enrolled at the University of Duisburg-Essen are issued a personal user identification and password after enrolment. The user ID allows you to use the University’s IT services, for example for access to the internet (WLAN, PC workstations, LSF electronic lecture schedule, exam registration). Please contact the E-Point if you have any questions about your user identification and the IT services, or if you have forgotten your password.

Further information about theUser ID (“Unikennung”)

Student Certificate

After enrolment, and once the semester fee has been received by the university, you can use your “Unikennung” user ID to print copies of the student certificate at the SB stations or in the LSF.

You might need a student certificate to present to authorities, for example health insurance providers, banks or the Studentenwerk.

Further information about theStudent Certificate

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International Office

Campus Duisburg
Geibelstraße 41
47057 Duisburg

Campus Essen
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For queries please contact the person in charge at the International Office.


Enrolment for German language course students:
Possible throughout the year


Enrolment in a Bachelor’s degree programme (except ISE):
Please see your letter of admission for the exact date; at the latest 31.10. for the winter semester and 30.4. for the summer semester

Enrolment in an ISE Bachelor’s degree programme:
Winter semester: 15.09. to 31.10.

Enrolment in a Master’s degree programme:
Possible up to the end of the lecture period