How can you benefit from tandem language learning?

Unlike conventional classroom learning, tandem language learning involves two equal partners interacting in a real-life situation. This produces an informal atmosphere in which learners find it easier to work with the foreign language. At the beginning of a tandem partnership in particular, when the learners may not be very confident in the foreign language, they can risk making errors and learn from their partner’s corrections without any feeling of embarrassment.

What is more, because learners are free to choose which themes they cover in their language learning, they can exchange information on the topics that interest them most.

Learning a language in tandem requires a great deal of self-discipline and commitment, which helps learners to improve their own capacity for autonomous learning.

Both tandem learners benefit from each other as experts for their own language and culture, in turn learning about and sharing their first-hand experiences and accounts of different aspects of their country.

At its best, tandem language learning will develop into a lifelong friendship that cuts across linguistic, geographical and cultural boundaries.




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