questionnaire No. 3 - feedback after finishing Sprachtandem

Please help us to improve the Sprachtandem project and use this questionnaire to give us a feedback about your language learning partnership.

Please enter data.
1. How long did your language exchange partnership last?
3. Will you keep in touch with your language partner?
If yes, how?
4. Did you profit from your Sprachtandem?
5. Did you reach your intended aims?
6. Which aims did you reach?
8. Have there been problems which have complicated your Sprachtandem?
9. Please estimate on a scale of 1 to 6 (1=very good, 6=very bad) the success of your Sprachtandem.
10. Please estimate on a scale from 1 to 6 (1=very good, 6=very bad) the project Sprachtandem in general.
12. Do you want to start a new language exchange partnership?
Data protection: I consent to all personal data disclosed being used solely for the purpose of finding a fitting tandem partner and enabling academic staff with relevant responsibilities to provide customer service in accordance with the data privacy Act DSG NRW.
* Pflichtfeld