International Research Universities Network

Nowadays international networks play a major part in decision-making processes in and outside Europe. When claiming entitlement to European subsidies for, for example, framework programmes, such networks are absolutely required. Moreover, participation in a network is also essential with a view to future developments in respect of international accreditation and reviews.
The International Research Universities Network (IRUN) is an international network of broad-based research universities, which was initiated by Radboud University Nijmegen.The universities participating in the Network are well known for the international quality of their research and education, and are strongly motivated to improve that quality even further.



The aim of IRUN is to further improve the quality of research and teaching at the universities involved. Within the Network, the exchange of researchers, lectures and students will be encouraged and facilitated. This may lead to joint curriculum development and joint degree programmes for Master’s students and PhD candidates. Furthermore, the network will serve as a platform for joint conferences, symposiums and seminars.



The following universities are currently participating in the IRUN network: