What is ISE

Since winter term 2002, the Faculty of Engineering offers a collection of interesting, internationally oriented Bachelor/Master degree courses within its program "International Studies in Engineering" (ISE). The structure of the ISE program is designed in line with the actual education and labour market. Subjects of international relevance will be offered in disciplinary Bachelor and Master degree courses designed by the respective departments. Apart from these disciplinary degree courses, a wide range of interdisciplinary Bachelor and Master degree courses of special attractiveness is offered. The Bachelor/Master courses are continuously enhanced in order to cover a wider spectrum of engineering disciplines.

The international orientation is realized by:

  • lectures offered in German and English language of instruction
    (50% of the lectures in German, 50% of the lectures in English),
  • at least one semester abroad, mandatory for all German students
    (to be spent at a partner university or a company),
  • strong liaison with international partner universities,
  • living and studying in a multicultural environment.

All mentioned measures contribute to the same goal: graduates with broad skills able to work in an independent and self-responsible way. In addition to that, graduates from the ISE Master's program fulfill all requirements to continue their studies at University Duisburg-Essen in order to obtain a Ph.D. Therefore, the overall structure of the study program ISE is not only internationally oriented and flexible but also designed in line with the actual higher education as well as the needs of the labour market with its world-wide, long-term need for engineering graduates.

In the figure all degree courses of the study program ISE are listed in their relation to the departments of the Faculty of Engineering.