Examinations for the actual semester

Examination Plan

General information on exams

According to the examination regulation the type and duration of the examination will be defined from the lecturer before the semester starts. Therefore, an examination can be a written test with a length of 60 to 120 minutes or an oral examination with a length of 30 to 60 minutes. Other assessment types might be required for seminars, non-technical subjects or laboratories.

Every examination is offered every semester. The language of the examination is equal to the language of instruction of the corresponding lecture. Prior registration for the examinations is mandatory. Students who miss to register cannot participate in this exam. Please check always your registration on the boards of the examination office or with your online account. If a student decides for any reason not to take part in an examination that is already registered, the registration can be cancelled up to 2 weeks before the date of the examination.

In case of illness on the day of the examination, the student has to consult a medical doctor and ask for a certificate, which states, that participating the examination was not possible because of the illness. This certificate has to be reached in at the examination office (Prüfungsamt) at latest 3 days after the examination.
Notice: If a student gets a certificate because of illness, but nevertheless takes part in the examination, this examination will definitely be assessed. A cancellation of the examination is then not possible!

Failed examinations can be redone twice. If the third attempt has not been passed, the relevant examination and therewith also the whole degree course has altogether finally not been passed. If a student takes the second attempt of an examination in form of a written exam and reaches then a grade which is worse than 4.0, the student is in the same examination period the possibility be offered to take a complementary oral examination before fixing the result "failed". Based on the result of the complementary oral examination, the relevant examination is assessed with "passed" (4.0) or "failed" (5.0).

See also the graph of examination and the list of possible grades.

Please read the examination regulation.

Online registration (QIS Selbstbedienungsportal)

Students can register for examinations via the online service of the Central Examination Office (QIS Selbstbedienungsportal) 
This online service allows students to:   

  • Register for exams (except electives)
  • Cancel registration for exams
  • Print out transcript of records (Notenspiegel)

The service can be accessed via:

IMPORTANT: Before you can use the online services, you need to activate your user name (Uni-Kennung/ ZIM-Kennung) and password which you received on the occasion of your enrolment. For this process you need to change the password via the self-care portal of the ZIM:

Cancel examination registration

The deadlines to cancel registration can be viewed in your account within the online-service of the Central Examination Office. Usually you can cancel your exam registration until 2 weeks before an exam. 

The cancellation can only be effected online via your account in the QIS-Selbstbedienungsportal:

Examination results

Exam results are presented on your transcript of records (Notenspiegel). You can check the results via your account in the QIS-Selbstbedienungsportal: