M.Sc. Vahid Sharifi

Research Interests

  • High-Frequency Instabilities in Gas Turbine Combustion Chambers
  • Transverse Acoustic Modes
  • Combustion modeling


Current Project

Large Eddy Simulation of High frequency thermo acoustic instability
Start of Project: Feb. 2015

The work aims to identify the underlying causes and physical mechanisms of HF combustion dynamics as observed in industrial gas turbine combustors. Forced response Simulation in generic combustion chamber as well as self-excited simulation in technical combustion chamber will be carried out. For this purpose, a 3D CFD open source software coupled with a LES in-house code for turbulent combustion will be used.  The knowledge on influence parameters and feedback mechanism shall be used to derive a predictive model  on high-frequency instabilities.

Publications and Talks

  • Sharifi, V. , Beck, C, Kempf, A. M., Large-Eddy Simulation of Acoustic Flame Response to High-Frequency Transverse Excitations. AIAA Journal, 57:1 (2018), 327-340.
  • Sharifi, V., Beck, C, Kempf, A. M., On the occurrence of high frequency thermoacoustic instabilities in a single jet tubular combustor, presentation at the 17th International Conference on Numerical Combustion, Aachen, Germany, 2019.
  • Sharifi, V., Beck, C, Kempf, A. M., High frequency instabilites in a cylindrical single jet combustion chamber, at the 28th german Flame Day, Bochum, Germany, 2019.


  • WS2018: Tutorial Fluid Mechanis I




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M.Sc. Vahid Sharifi
Wiss. Mitarbeiter

Carl-Benz Straße 199
47057 Duisburg
Room: NETZ 1.14
Phone: +49-(0)203-379 8095
E-Mail: vahid.sharifi [at] uni-due.de