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... we provide state of the art equipment for the processing of disperse systems into functional layers, including roll-2-roll coating on pilot scale, and advanced characterization. Please feel free to contact us.


  • Roll-2-roll coating machine, Coatema Click and Coat
  • Dip Coater, RDC15 with step motor, Bungard Elektronik
  • Dip Coater, RDC30 multidip with step motor, Bungard Elektronik
  • Spin Coater, M-SPIN 200, Ramgraber GmbH


  • Gradient oven, Erichsen GmbH & Co.KG
  • Microbalance, Standard RS-232, LABC-Labortechnik
  • High speed dissolver, Erichsen


  • Analytical centrifugation, LUMisizer 651, LUM GmbH (see also ICAN)
  • Density measurement, DM40, Mettler Toledo
  • Dynamic light scattering and Zeta potential measurement, Nanoflex, Microtrac Europe GmbH
  • Contact angle measurement, OCA15PRO, DataPhysics Instruments GmbH
  • Total organic carbon analyzer, ,TOC-L CPN FA, E200, Shimadzu Germany GmbH
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Fax: +49-203-37 94195

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