Participant List Thermodynamics Lab (ISE)

Participant list of Thermodynamics Lab 1

This is the list of all registered participants in order of the registration. You find your matriculation number, group number, date of the experiment and remarks.

The three digits group number consists of one digit for the experiment (first digit) ...
4xx = Heat exchanger
5xx = Thermodynamic properties of Water
6xx = Computer Experiment
... followed by two digits for the experiment specific group ranging from 01 to 99.

If you have a number x00, you are not registered for this experiment because of the reason given in the row 'Remarks'.

Generally you can’t claim your desired date.

If you have questions contact us via E-Mail:

If you miss Thermodynamics Lab:

In exceptional cases we try to offer a second lab date:

  • Illness: Hand in a medical certificate within 3 days.
  • Force Majeure (strike, severe weather…): inform us immediately (on the same day!).
  • Serious matter: Inform as a.s.a.p., at least 3 days in advance.

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Date Heat Exchanger
Date Thermodynamic properties of Water
Date Computer program