UDE / Frank Preuß


Dr. Fabio Martins
Postdoctoral researcher

fabio.martins [at] uni-due.de
Room: NETZ 1.20

Research Associates / Students

Dipl.-Phys. oec. Andreas Unterberger
Research Associate

Phone: +49-(0)203-379 8120
andreas.unterberger [at] uni-due.de
Room: NETZ 1.18

Cheau Tyan Foo
Student Assistant

cheau.foo [at] stud.uni-due.de
Room: NETZ 1.18

Completed Bachelor / Master Theses

2021 Mr. Acktar Bava-saib

Bachelor thesis
Design and manufacture of a low-cost filter holder for tomography experiments

2020 Mr. Zi Kang Lim

Bachelor thesis
Investigating the bias from camera location on interpreting computed tomography of chemiluminescence reconstructions

2020 Mr. Raimund Hübner

Master thesis
Simultaneous flame tomography and LIF imaging and tomographic analysis of a standardized flame

2019 Mr. Zachary Emuang

Bachelor thesis
Generation of noise patterns for flame tomography based on background-oriented schlieren analysis

2021 Mr. Vaishal Brahmbhatt

Bachelor thesis
Validation of the assumptions made on pipe roughness within the framework of the network

2019 Ms. Cheau Tyan Foo

Bachelor thesis
Simultaneous multi-colour flame tomography of turbulent stratified flames

2019 Ms. Yinyi Kwong

Bachelor thesis
The application of additive manufacturing (AM) Technologies of metallic materials for the industrialization of space mechanisms

2018 Mr. Stanislav Yaroshevskyy

Master thesis
Design of a precision 3D camera mount

2018 Mr. Alexander Kassen

Bachelor thesis
Adapting the tomographic setup to generate frozen flame movies for analysing the dynamics of a turbulent flame

2018 Mr. Andreas Unterberger

Master thesis
3D Evolutionary reconstruction of scalar fields: Phantom study and application to a stratified flame

2017 Mr. Manuj K. Yadav

Master thesis
Influence of low pressure exhaust gas recirculation (LP-EGR) on a turbocharger compressor - a numerical analysis

2017 Mr. Julien Verbeke

Master thesis
Computed tomography of a swirl flame’s chemiluminescence field and LES-phantom study on effect of out-of-plane views