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21.12.2021Free attempt regulation

Course-related examinations (first and resits within the meaning of §§ 20 and 21 Bachelor RPO) that are taken in the winter semester 2021/2022 and are not passed or are graded "not sufficient" are counted as not having been taken.

If the subject-specific examination regulations provide for an oral supplementary examination, the student may, in deviation from pp. 1 and 2, apply to the responsible examination board to conduct the oral supplementary examination. This oral supplementary examination does not fall under the free attempt regulation according to S. 1 and 2.

Examination attempts which are assessed as "failed" or "insufficient" due to an unexcused absence, an attempt to deceive or a violation of the regulations are not covered by para. 1.


Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus, contact with the dean's office and the faculty's departments is currently only possible electronically via e-mail or telephone. Please refrain from personal appointments for the time being.

Until further notice we would like to ask all students for patience. We will make every effort to provide you with information immediately.

Examination Insights

In principle, inspections can be postponed until the required presence can be reestablished. This is handled differently by the institutes, depending on the number of exams and available staff. Objection periods against exam results are suspended until the exams can be viewed again.

Access to university buildings

Until further notice the building entrances of the UDE are closed. This means that free access is also blocked for students. Access is only possible via special access media such as keys, coins or cards.