International Activities

For the Faculty of Engineering internationalization is essential for the consolidation of the University of Duisburg-Essen as a stronghold in research and education. The faculty has a long tradition in offering international bachelor and master degree courses within the study program „International Studies in Engineering“ (ISE), and also the faculty supports German students in their semester abroad in one of the partner universities.

The study program „International Studies in Engineering“ (ISE) creates a bridge between technology and culture: Various technological qualification possibilities with special stress of the requirements of the global job market offer the graduates comprehensive development opportunities in the industrial, as well as in the scientific development - the intensive connections with different, in particular non-European cultures and nations, creates a cultural enrichment for the study and research service. The attraction of the study courses also lies in the possible combination justified by bachelor and master of different engineer-scientific disciplines as well as the interdisciplinary, inter-divisional bachelor and master degree courses.

For German students the international experience is an obvious plus when they search for a job. A great number of companies from the engineering field are globally active and have offices and divisions outside Europe. The experience of a multicultural surrounding during a semester abroad represents a fundamental value for the preparation for the activity in an increasingly global working sphere.

Support Center for (International)
Engineering Students

Campus Duisburg
Evelyn Brands
Room: SG 119
Telephone: +49 203 379-3776

Campus Essen
Rade Sazdovski
Room: V13 S03 C58
Telephone: +49 201 183-6500

Commission for International Affairs

Iris Steiner
Room: SG 117
Telephone: +49 203 379-3202

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