Degree Course Coordinators

Lecturers of the faculty are elected as degree course coordinators. Their main task is the maintenance and development of a degree course.

Applied Computer Sience Prof. Josef Pauli
Applied Cognitive and Media Science Prof. Daniel Bodemer
Automotive Engineering & Management Prof. Heike Proff
Civil Engineering Prof. Martin Denecke
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Prof. Einar Kruis
International Studies in Engineering Prof. Rüdiger Deike
Lehramt Technik Prof. Martin Lang
Mechanical Engineering (Maschinenbau) Prof. Rüdiger Deike
Medical Engineering Prof. Daniel Erni
NanoEngineering Prof. Gerd Bacher
Steel Technology and Metal Forming Prof. Rüdiger Deike
Sustainable Urban Technologies Dr. Elke Hochmuth
Logistics Engineering Prof. Bernd Noche
Industrial Engineering Prof. Andreas Wömpener