Injection Molding

The injection molding team deals with topics in the field of machine technology and quality assurance.

In cooperation with machine manufacturers and industrial companies in the processing and application, current issues and problems are treated, partially financed by public research funds.

Core topics include the processing technique and the process engineering for low-cost mass production of bipolar plates for fuel cells in cooperation with the ZBT (Center for Fuel Cell Technology). Furthermore, simulation of processes for the determination of component properties is an important focus.

In the field of mechanical engineering and quality assurance, new drive systems for electric and hydraulic injection molding machines are developed and existing concepts are being optimized. Also in this section the interlinking of simulation and process modeling is playing an important role. Thereby, particular focus is put on process and system optimization to increase energy and resource efficiency in plastics processing.

The laboratory of the department provides the basis for research projects and can rely on injection molding machines with different drive concepts and prototypes.

More details on our current research projects can be found in the corresponding detailed descriptions.

Current Projects
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Entwicklung neuer Spannungssensoren für Hochspannungs-Übertragungssysteme


Prozess- und Produktqualität im Spritzgießen Kompensation materialinduzierter Störungen

Rekuperation an hydraulischen Linearaktoren für eine Zwei-Platten-Schließeinheit

Spritzgießen hochgefüllter Thermoplast-Compounds

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