About us

At this part of the IPE, led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Schiffers, teaching is focused on the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of design theory
  • Plastics and polymer technology
  • Polymer processing and machinery
  • Quality management
  • System and process diagnostics

Scientific staff working at IPE KKM works on research projects in the major lines of extrusion, injection molding and component testing. Challenges facing the plastics industry are examined in collaboration with partners from the industry to formulate solutions.

On more than 950m2 lab space employees of the IPE KKM can perform experimental testing of new ideas on numerous facilities.

These range from small single-screw extruder to a three-layer film blowing line and differently-powered injection molding machines to self-developed system concepts for alternative plasticization and component testing.

Within the projects, IPE KKM considers itself as a research and development partner for the industry. Through the use of modern simulation tools, a sound theoretical modeling and experimental testing, the bridge between science and industry to solve current problems can be forged.  In order to train new specialists in engineering discipline, the integration of student employees in these research projects is an important component of the Institute's philosophy.


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