The ethics committee of the division of Computer Science and Applied Cognitive Sciences at the Faculty of Engineering comments on the ethical acceptability of psychological research and research involving personal data.

Every member of the division of Computer Science and Applied Cognitive Sciences at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Duisburg-Essen can file a motion. This motion is especially recommended for research, which includes risks for the participants or in which the aims and the activities are concealed from the participants. Motions can be submitted at any time. Normally before filing a motion to the ethics committee the basic-questionnaire has to be completed. Here you can find a guide that can help you to fill out the basic-questionnaire (German version only).

ATTENTION: From now on the documents that include written informed consent and (if applicable) the standardized debriefing have to be submitted along with the motion.

Please take into account that applications which contain at least one „yes“ in the study’s checklist should be submitted digitally to the following e-mail address: ethikkommission.inko@uni-due.de.

Please sign and scan the ethics application or submit it by e-mail online with a certified digital signature (ethikkommission.inko@uni-due.de). Furthermore, please make sure that all required documents are appended.

Please note that the processing time of the application takes 2-3 weeks. Therefore, please submit the ethics application for the start of your project at an early stage.

Thank you in advance!


Members of the ethics committee

Prof. Dr. Oliver Büttner, Business Psychology

Other Members:

Prof. Dr. Matthias Brand, General Psychology: Cognition
Prof. Dr. Daniel Bodemer, Research Methods in Psychology: Media-Based Knowledge Construction
Prof. Dr. Nicole Krämer, Social Psychology: Media and Communication
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Ziegler, Interactive Systems/Interaction Design
Prof. Dr. Stefan Stieglitz, Professional Communication in Electronic Media / Social Media


Dr. Benjamin Serfas, Business Psychology