Experimental methods of psychology

In their third term, the students of the B.Sc. programme Komedia visit the course Experimental Methods of Psychology, which deals with the basics of psychological research methods and leads the students to their first own experiment. In addition to the lecture a tutorial is offered. At the end of the term, the students present their results at a poster congress.

Poster Congress WS 2018/2019

Project courses

The students of the B.Sc. programme Komedia are required to participate in interdisciplinary practical projects. In the master program they are required to participate in research projects.

The course that accompanies the projects is designed to teach practical components of basic skills of scientific research. It is also an opportunity to learn ‘teamwork’ and to take responsibility in a social context.



In a bachelor- or master thesis, the students of Komedia can show that they are able to examine a problem with scientific methods in a given time frame (10 or 26 weeks, respectively).

The task of the thesis can be based on the courses that accompany the projects. The topic of the master thesis should be derived from the chosen specialisation (Psychology or Computer Science).

For everyone who is interested in writing a thesis in the Section General Psychology: Cognition, there are at least ten good reasons making this an interesting and worthwhile decision.

If you have already decided to write a thesis here, you should read our guidelines.

An overview of possible topics as well as topics that have already been dealt with can be found here.

Current exam dates

Exam dates for the current semester, can be looked up under the heading "Latest News"