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The Confucius Institute Metropolis Ruhr programme is divided into different areas. In the areas Language & Culture, Politics & Society and Economy & Industry, the Institute programme is available for everyone interested in China. We offer a wide range of information, training, service and communication opportunities.

Ki-grafik-direktorium 2015

The programme of the Confucius Institute Metropolis Ruhr includes:

  • Courses for all ages and language levels and individual lessons on request
  • Lectures, information and dialogue sessions on Chinese culture, society, politics, economics, art, language and history,
  • regular special events, exhibitions, concerts, readings and film screenings,
  • Events on Chinese culture techniques such as Calligraphy workshops, Guzheng lessons and Taijiquan or Kung Fu classes,
  • a multifarious children's / youth programme as well as school cooperations, e.g. in workshops and China project days,
  • a monthly Confucian Literature circle,
  • social events as part of the Sino-German cultural dialogue of the Confucius-Institute Metropolis Ruhr and the series "China (er)leben" - "live (experience) China".

The possibility to take part in officially recognised language tests (HSK), to participate in the "Chinese Bridge" competitions or the opportunity to apply for a Confucius Institute scholarship, complete the whole range of Chinese language training.

Due to the fact that most of the activities of our Institute are deployed in German language, we do not provide a detailled list of our courses offered on the English website.


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