Town Twinning Duisburg - Wuhan

As the first city in the Federal Republic of Germany, in 1982, Duisburg entered a twin town relationship with a city in the People's Republic of China. On 8th October, Josef Krings, the mayor of Duisburg at that time, and Li Zhi, then mayor of Wuhan, both signed the town twinning agreement in Wuhan.

The background for this town twinning were the contacts between Duisburg and Wuhan that had emerged from 1978, when a consortium of the Duisburg companies Mannesmann-Demag, Krupp-Industrietechnik and Thyssen Consulting built a cold rolling mill in Wuhan. At that time, more than 300 engineers, most of them from Duisburg, lived in Wuhan with their families. As a result of these contacts, the idea of a town twinning arose, which was encouraged even more by the fact that both cities featured very similar economic structures and backgrounds, as Wuhan, just as Duisburg, is a center of the Chinese iron and steel industry.