12-01-2016 to 31-01-2017 Exhibition "Eyes of Heaven"

The Confucius Institute hosts the art exhibition “Eyes of Heaven”, show casting 16 award-winning paintings of this year’s “China International Children’s Cartoon Competition”. This year the young Chinese artists between the ages of seven and fifteen picked “The monkey king” and “The commonalties and differences of German and Chinese culture” as their central themes.

Visitors can view the exhibition till the end of January. Admission is free of charge.

© Matthias Klar

01-07-15 to 31-12-15 Flying visit to China - Visual impressions from the Confucius-Institute scholarship holders

Last year, 17 pupils and students received a "Confucius Institute Scholarship". In September 2014, the scholarship holders began their year of study in different regions of China, e.g. at Tsinghua University in Beijing, Nanjing University, the Jiatong University and Tongji University, both in Shanghai, and Xiamen University. The photo exhibition features experiences, impressions and encounters of our scholarship holders during their time in China. Among them are great landscapes, situations of everyday life, but also strange and unusual things for the Western eye!

The exhibition is displayed in the premises of the Confucius Institute.

19-01-15 to 12-06-15 Balance - An exhibition with photos from China

from Bernhard Langerock

in cooperation with the Katholische Akademie Die Wolfsburg

China is a land of contrasts, the polarities of rich and poor, urban and rural, east and west, the frenzied development, but also of stagnation. The Belgian photographer Bernhard Langerock worked artistically in his longer stays in the metropolis of Chongqing. His photos describe a country in transition. There are current impressions of everyday life, accidental beauty, symbols of Chinese identity, which trace the imbalances, but also the aspirations of the people in China and their landmarks. His impression of religion, values between tradition and modernity, question their common prejudices through his subtle imagery and embark on the search for continuities and breaks, and for new balances.

Venue: Katholische Akademie Die Wolfsburg, Falkenweg 6, 45470 Mülheim an der Ruhr

01-05-15 to 30-06-15 Wuhan University

In its premises, the Confucius Institute presents an exhibition about the partner university in Wuhan with photos from the campus, the university life and impressions of research and teaching.

The exhibition takes place on the occasion of a visit by a delegation from 18-05-15 to 21-05-15.