Language course dates

Teaching concept and course philosophy

Our courses are divided into basic, intermediate and advanced courses and build upon one another. This enables a continuous learning of modern written and spoken Chinese. It also allows you to build your vocabulary and grammar knowledge step by step and use them practically.

In our courses, the communication between teachers and language learners has priority and there is an emphasis on varied, interactive lessons.

Our teachers are generally native Chinese speakers, who are qualified in the degree "Chinese as a Foreign Language" which enables them to teach Chinese language at educational institutions. They also regularly undergo training in Germany and China to be familiar with the various teaching methods and newly published teaching materials for a modern Chinese lessons.

Two to three times per year, the Confucius Institute Metropolis Ruhr offers officially recognised language tests (HSK), enabling a certified proof of language skills.

Language courses

Regular Courses

The regular courses are organized by trimesters. Interested have an opportunity three times a year  to start with a language course or to choose a course according to their previous knowledge. The average term of the courses is eleven weeks, a teaching evening lasts 90 minutes per week.

Courses for students

For students of the University of Duisburg-Essen, each semester, we offer beginner and advanced courses in cooperation with the Institute for Optional Studies at the University of Duisburg-Essen. For student groups, we can also arrange tailor-made courses on specific subjects on request.

Courses for companies

For companies that want to maintain or build close contacts to China, we offer customized "In House" Language Courses on request. Contact us and we will put together an adequate offer.

Special courses

In addition to the regular courses, we offer intensive courses, conversation courses, reading courses, intensive courses on Chinese characters as well as courses on Business Chinese. On request, we also organize customized private lessons and special courses for small groups (2-3 people). If interested, please contact the Institute office.

Courses for children and adolescents

For pupils, we offer regular Chinese courses.

Registration for all courses

Online registration (in German)

You may download our registration form registration form and send the completed form:
Fax:      0203-306-3135

Advise on Language courses

If you have questions, feel free to contact Ms Urban:
Tel. 0203-306-3131