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Confucius Institute Reading Room

Reading Room of Confucius Institute Metropole Ruhr is partially equipped with Chinese furniture. At present, the reading room collection consists of about 8 000 titles in German, English and Chinese, including 14 categories such as politics, economy, military, culture, art and history. The materials are donated by the Confucius Institute Headquarters, the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Berlin and numerous German private individuals. The Confucius Institute Metropole Ruhr itself has also purchased a large amount of books and materials. Here you can find German versions of best-selling Chinese novels, interesting children's and youth readings, the latest Chinese popular magazines, various Chinese-learning reference books and Chinese textbooks, Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Books ... At the same time, we also have different kinds of atlases, collections of paintings, CDs and DVDs. In December 2017, Reading Room of Confucius Institute Metropole Ruhr has been modernized. Now, the reading room services are completed, with a variety of modern means of service, being able to provide readers with reading, lending, consulting, document retrieval, document replication and other types of services.

Reading Room of Confucius Institute Metropole Ruhr offers people in Duisburg and the surrounding area an opportunity to read books from China. Now, more and more people start to enjoy reading in Reading Room of Confucius Institute Metropole Ruhr.

1. Apply for a Library Card at Reading Room.
2. Borrow books with your Library card.

Location: Konfuzius-Institut Metropole Ruhr Bismarckstr. 120 (Tec-Center) 47057 Duisburg

Open hours: Monday and Thursday, 9:00 a.m.——17:00p.m.

Reservation is also available. Reservation email:

vivien926@outlook.com Ms. Chen (Chinese and English)

sandra.urban@uni-due.de Ms. Urban (Germany)


University of Duisburg-Essen Library – “East Asia Collection”

Access to the entire China collection and all library loans are subject to the general terms of use of the university library. The collection can be found on campus Duisburg, in the LK Library, Lotharstr. 65.

City Library of Duisburg "Window to China"

Borrowing and access options for "Window to China"-literature is carried out under the general terms of use of the City Library of Duisburg at Düsseldorfer Str. 5-7.

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