Dr. FAN Xiaoqing
Confucius Institute Metropolis Ruhr
Bismarckstr. 120 (Tec-Center)
47057 Duisburg 
Phone:  +49 - 203-306-3136

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Fan Xiaoqing studied Chinese focusing on Chinese linguistics at the Wuhan University. After her promotion in Wuhan in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, she was lecturer in 2009 in the International Education Institute in Wuhan. Since September 2015, she is teacher of Confucius Institute Metropolis Ruhr based in Duisburg.

Publications (selected)


Fan, Xiaoqing/Liu, Shu/Hong, Doudou: Standarf Chinese 3, Wuhan, 2009


Fan, Xiaoqing: On the Development of Chinese Language. In: Study Monthly (11/2013)

Fan, Xiaoqing: The Advantages and Disadvantages of language learning on the starting line. In: Study Monthly (12/2013)

Fan, Xiaoqing: The Standardization design of short-turm class teaching. In: Study on Chinese International Education (03/2015)


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