Prof. Dr. Karola Pitsch | Incrementality in HRI

Incrementality in HRI (CITEC)

Interactional Coordination and Incrementality in HRI. A museum guide robot

The project focuses on enabling interactional coordination and incremental actions in human-robot-interaction by linking informatics and interactional linguistics. Using the scenario of a museum guide robot (in close collaboration with the project "Interaction & Space"), we explore a robot's reactivity to visitor conduct and how it can deal with the participants' verbal utterances under 'real world' conditions.

Funding: CITEC IP-18, 2013 - 2016, Principal Investigators: K. Pitsch & S. Wrede
Researchers: Raphaela Gehle (Linguistics), Timo Dankert (Informatics)
Cooperation: Kunsthalle Bielefeld, Historisches Museum Bielefeld.

  • K. Pitsch, R. Gehle & S. Wrede (2013): A museum guide robot: Dealing with multiple participants in the real-world. In: Workshop “Robots in public spaces: towards multi-party, short-term, dynamic human-robot-interaction” at ICSR 2013, Bristol, 4 pages. [pre-print]