Prof. Dr. Karola Pitsch | Interaction & Space

Interaction & Space (VW)

Interaction & Space. From Conversation Analysis to Dynamic Interaction Models for Human-Robot-Interaction

Using the scenario of a guided museum tour, the project explores the dynamics of multimodal interaction unfolding in and constituting interactional space. Micro-analysis of human interactional conduct is linked with developing and testing building blocks and models for coordinative practices in human-robot interaction. Particular focus is given to the organization of transitions between exhibits, referential practices and participation in multi-party situations.

HRI experiments are carried out in close cooperation with the project "Int. Coordination & Incrementality in HRI".

Funding: Volkswagen Foundation (Personal Dilthey Fellowship K. Pitsch), 2012 - 2017
Researcher: Karola Pitsch
Cooperation: Kunsthalle Bielefeld, Historisches Museum Bielefeld.

  • K. Pitsch & S. Wrede (in print): When a robot orients visitors to an exhibit. Referential practices and interactional dynamics in the real world. In Ro-Man 2014. [pre-print]

  • K. Pitsch, R. Gehle & S. Wrede (2013): Addressing Multiple Participants: A Museum Guide Robot’s Gaze Shapes Visitor Participation. In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Social Robotics 2013 (ICSR 2013, Bristol), 587-588. [pre-print]

  • K. Pitsch (2012): Exponat - Alltagsgegenstand - Turngerät. Zur interaktiven Konstitution von Objekten in einer Museumsausstellung. In: H. Hausendorf, L. Mondada & R. Schmitt (Ed.): Raum als interaktive Ressource, 233-273. [pre-print]

  • K. Pitsch, H. Kuzuoka, Y. Suzuki, L. Süssenbach, P. Luff & Ch. Heath (2009): "The first five seconds": Contingent stepwise entry into an interaction as a means to secure sustained engagement in Human-Robot-Interaction. In: ROMAN (IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication) 2009, Toyama, Japan, 985-991. [pre-print]