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Journal Articles

  1. I. Anjam and D. Pauly, A short note on a weighted Friedrichs inequality, 2019 (Submitted)
  2. I. Anjam, A short note on Helmholtz decompositions for bounded domains in R3, Mathematica Scandinavica, 125(2), 227-238, 2019
    arXiv, Notes
  3. I. Anjam and D. Pauly, An elementary method of deriving a posteriori error equalities and estimates for linear partial differential equations, Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics, 19(2), 311-322, 2019
    arXiv PDF
  4. I. Anjam and D. Pauly, Functional a posteriori error control for conforming mixed approximations of coercive problems with lower order terms, Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics, 16(4), 609-631, 2016
    arXiv PDF
  5. I. Anjam and J. Valdman, Fast MATLAB assembly of FEM matrices in 2D and 3D: Edge elements, Applied Mathematics and Computation, 267, 252-263, 2015
    arXiv, MATLAB File Exhange PDF
  6. F. Bernal, J.A. Acebrón, and I. Anjam, A stochastic algorithm based on fast marching for automatic capacitance extraction in non-manhattan geometries, SIAM Journal of Imaging Sciences, 7(4), 2657-2674, 2014
  7. I. Anjam, M. Nokka, and S. Repin, On a posteriori error bounds for approximations of the generalized Stokes problem generated by the Uzawa algorithm, Russian Journal of Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modelling, 27(4), 321-338, 2012
    Errata PDF
  8. I. Anjam, O. Mali, A. Muzalevsky, P. Neittaanmäki, and S. Repin, A posteriori error estimates for a Maxwell type problem, Russian Journal of Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modelling, 24(5), 395-408, 2009
    Errata PDF

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