Chair of European Naturopathy and Integrative Medicine

Compulsory Course "Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy und Complementary Medicine"

Guidance: Professor Gustav J. Dobos, MD

This lecture comprises topics such as Classical Complementary Medicine, Mind-Body-Medicine, Wholesome Nutrition, Integrative Oncology and Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine as well as Physical Medicine. The lecture takes place once a week during the semester and is accompanied by a full-day seminar which is oriented towards practice. In 2010, students in the clinical phase of their medical education evaluated the lecture as the best one among 42 compulsory courses at Duisburg University in an independent evaluation process called EVALUNA.

In cooperation with Professor H. Gerhard, MD (Director of the Clinic of Neurology, Essen Catholic Clinic), R. Schubmann, MD (Director of Cardiology, Dr. Becker Clinical Society, Moehnesee), W. Scheitza, MD (Director of the Specialist Clinic for Orthopedic, MediClin Specialist Clinic Rhein/Ruhr), R. Dux, MD (Director of Neurological Rehabilitation, Bottrop Knappschafts-Hospital) and PD A. Thilmann, MD (Freiburg), a weekly lecture in Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine is held to deal with topics from the field of neurological, cardiological, orthopedic, geriatric and psychological rehabilitation. A full-day practically oriented compulsory seminar is organized once during the semester.

Medical students from Duisburg-Essen University can also choose to complete their 2-week internship (elective) in Mind-Body Medicine in the Department of Complementary and Integrative Medicine. But not only students from Duisburg-Essen University choose to complete their clinical traineeship and the practical year in this department. More than 40 medical students have finished their doctoral theses here. The studies and their results are published in the respective scientific journals. See list of publications.

The chair can look back on two successful habilitations: Professor A. Michalsen, MD (2006: Clinical Studies in the Effects of Structured Lifestyle Modification and Self-effective Therapy Methods in the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Diseases) has been a chief physician in the Department of Complementary Medicine at Immanuel Hospital in Berlin and the owner of the foundation funded chair of Clinical Complementary Medicine at the Institute of Social Medicine, Epidemiology, and Health Economics at Charité University Medical Center in Berlin since 2009.

Professor J. Langhorst, MD (2008: New Concepts in Structured Lifestyle Modification and Self-effective Therapy Methods in the Treatment of Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases) has held an APL Professorship at Duisburg-Essen University since 2011. He is also the Vice-Director of the Department of Complementary and Integrative Medicine and the Director of the Integrative Gastroenterology Center at Essen Central Clinics.