Training for Physicians and Therapists

Therapy methods with no or few side effects that promote patient's health competence have a positive effect on the recovery and enhance quality of life. We offer training courses for physicians and therapists in scientifically evaluated methods of modern Integrative Medicine. 

Through our setting with both in- and out-patient treatments the courses we offer have a high relevance to the practice. Participants also profit from the newest research results and the online forum that allows exchange on medical information, during and even after the courses and trainings.

Additional Denotation "Naturheilkunde" (European Naturopathy)

Training for the additional denotation "European Naturopathy"  is composed  according to the guideline of the Medical Association. Apart from European Naturopathy topics like Phytotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Nutrition, Exercise and Regulative Therapy with Mind-Body-Medicine, the training includes also topics like Neuraltherapy, Cupping, Leech therapy and other procedures. Theoretical courses and case study seminars can be booked separately.

Additional Denotation "European Naturopathy"

"Ordnungstherapie" with Mind-Body Medicine

You will learn about the basics of Regulative Therapy in the yearly Mind-Body Medicine Summer School and can deepen your knowledge in the Mind-Body Medicine Advanced Seminar which takes place once a year.
Apart from the indication-specialized workshops, a specially designed program is offered to university students.

Mind-Body Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine

On 15 weekend courses participants learn about the theoretical basics of Ayurvedic Medicine in the framework of Integrative Medicine and the practical implementation in the practice. Indian physicians share their knowledge on different topics of the complex system of Ayurvedic Medicine.

Ayurvedic Medicine