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Christina David, MSc

PhD Student
Office: IG1, 9th floor, room 9.001
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Christina David studied biology at the Ruhr-University in Bochum and received her master degree at the faculty of biology (major: neurobiology) in 2017. During her master thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Aiden Haghikia at the institute for neuroimmunology she focused on environmental factors that modulate the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis. In May 2018 she started as a PhD student at the NeuroScienceLab under the lead of Prof. Dr. Kleinschnitz and supervision of Dr. Stine Mencl investigating inflammatory processes in stroke models, especially the role of T and NK cells in stroke pathogenesis.
Research interests

Christina David focuses on thrombo-inflammatory processes in experimental stroke models. For this, in vitro and in vivo methods, including cell culture, molecular biology, microscopy and behavior assessment are used to unravel the complex interaction of the cerebrovascular and cardiovascular systems with inflammation processes.
Key publications

Hammer A, Waschbisch A, Knippertz I, Zinser E, Berg J, Jörg S, Kuhbandner K, David C, Pi J, Bayas A, Lee DH, Haghikia A, Gold R, Steinkasserer A, Linker RA. Role of Nuclear Factor (Erythroid-Derived 2)-Like 2 Signaling for Effects of Fumaric Acid Esters on Dendritic Cells. Front Immunol. 2017; 8:1922.

Massa MG, David C, Jörg S, Berg J, Gisevius B, Hirschberg S, Linker RA, Gold R, Haghikia A. Testosterone Differentially Affects T Cells and Neurons in Murine and Human Models of Neuroinflammation and Neurodegeneration. Am J Pathol. 2017; 187(7):1613-1622.

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