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Dongpei Yin, MSc

MD student
Office: MFZ, 2nd floor, room 2.037
Phone: +49 201 723 1660
Fax: +49 201 723 6903

Dongpei studied Clinical Medicine at Hebei Medical University from 2010 to 2015 when he received his bachelor degree. He received his master degree in Neurosurgery at Tianjin Medical University in 2018. Since June 2018 he started to study for his MD degree in the NeuroScienceLab under the supervision of Prof. Dirk Hermann.
Research interests

Pneumonia is one of the most frequent medical complications after stroke, and it is significantly associated to death and disability. Dongpei is investigating how does pneumonia affect neurological recovery after ischemic stroke in mouse model.
Key publications

D. Yin, S. Zhou, X. Xu, W. Gao, F. Li, Y. Ma, D. Sun, Y. Wu, Q. Guo, H. Liu, L. Han, Z. Wang, Y. Wang, and J. Zhang, Dexmedetomidine attenuated early brain injury in rats with subarachnoid haemorrhage by suppressing the inflammatory response: The TLR4/NF-kappaB pathway and the NLRP3 inflammasome may be involved in the mechanism. Brain Res 1698 (2018) 1-10..

X. Xu, D. Yin, H. Ren, W. Gao, F. Li, D. Sun, Y. Wu, S. Zhou, L. Lyu, M. Yang, J. Xiong, L. Han, R. Jiang, and J. Zhang, Selective NLRP3 inflammasome inhibitor reduces neuroinflammation and improves long-term neurological outcomes in a murine model of traumatic brain injury. Neurobiol Dis 117 (2018) 15-27.

S. Zhou, D.P. Yin, Y. Wang, Y. Tian, Z.G. Wang, and J.N. Zhang, Dynamic changes in growth factor levels over a 7-day period predict the functional outcomes of traumatic brain injury. Neural Regen Res 13 (2018) 2134-2140.

M. Sardari, J. Skuljec, D. Yin, K. Zec, T.S. de Carvalho, D. Albers, C. Wang, R. Pul, A. Popa-Wagner, T.R. Doeppner, C. Kleinschnitz, E. Dzyubenko, and D.M. Hermann, Lipopolysaccharide-induced sepsis-like state compromises post-ischemic neurological recovery, brain tissue survival and remodeling via mechanisms involving microvascular thrombosis and brain T cell infiltration. Brain Behav Immun 91 (2021) 627-638.
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