NeuroScienceLab Essen
cand. med. Sebastian Vonhof

MD student
Office: IG1, 9th floor, room 9.001
Phone: +49 201 723 4736
Fax: +49 201 723 79030

After successfully completing seven semesters of medical school at the University of Pécs (Hungary), Sebastian Vonhof enrolled at the University of Duisburg-Essen in 2020 to continue pursuing his MD degree. To conduct his MD thesis, he joined the NeuroScienceLab last April 2022 as part of the recently founded Network Pharmacology for Neurovascular Diseases research group under the lead of Prof. Dr. Ana I. Casas.
Research interests

Network pharmacology-based treatment as a therapeutic strategy in subacute brain ischemia.
Applying molecular biology, immunohistochemistry, and microscopy techniques to deeply understand blood-brain-barrier opening, microglia activation, and neuroprotection upon treatment.
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