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TP1: Experimentation

Applicants for grant:  
Prof. Dr. Joachim Wirth  
Prof. Dr. Detlev Leutner  
Prof. Dr. Maik Walpuski  
Prof. Dr. Elke Sumfleth    
Assistant in Project:  
Meike Bergs  
Silke Schiffhauer  

Project periode: 10.2009-9.2011  
Grant reference: LE 645/9
Background, Aims and Framework
Enhancing experimental methods in the science classroom

This project combines results from small group research and learning process research in order to enhance experimental methods as a crucial element of the science classroom.  
This project’s goal is to find out which combination of hands-on and computer-based inquiry tasks leads to the best possible enhancement of students’ experimental skills.  
Therefore, effects of the different programs on the sub-skills as well as possible mutual influences of several sub-skills will be investigated. A teachers’ training will be developed in order to implement the programme proven to be most effective in their lessons.  
What combination of computer-based and hands-on inquiry tasks lead to the best possible enhancement of students’ experimental skills?  
What effects do the programs have on the respective sub-skills?  
To what extent do the sub-skills influence each other?  
What impact do the sub-skills have on learning outcome?  
Can the enhancement program be integrated in science lessons?  
Can the effects on sub-skills and learning outcome be shown to be true for classroom situations as well?

Methods and Analysis

In a first step, 260 students of German upper secondary schools studying chemistry in the second year will be confronted with two different learning environments in a 2x2 design.  
To be able to compare the results of hands-on and computer-based inquiry tasks, the respective score systems, process plots and log-files, will be adapted.  
A teachers’ training for teachers of chemistry and physics will be developed and evaluated.  

Students’ behaviour while working on the hands-on inquiry tasks will be videotaped. While students are working on the computer-based training, log-files will be created and audiotapes recorded.
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