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Physikkompetenz SII
<b>Physics Education</b>
Physics Education
Project Leader    
Dr. Andreas Borowski  
Prof. Dr. Hans E. Fischer        
Project Collaborateur    
Felix Schoppmeier  



Project periode: 10.2009-9.2011  
Grant reference: FI477/19
Background, Aims and Framework
Competencies of Physics in Upper Secondary Education  

The development and the evaluation of subjectspecific competencies is an essential requirement in determining the structure of pupils’ competencies. At the moment, there is no empirically secured model of physics competence for upper secondary education. The DFG-Project „Physics Competencies in Upper Secondary Education“ aims to develop a model of competence for secondary education. Starting point are national and international curricula and the norms and A-level tasks that are agreed between the German federal states (EPA).  
The project’s aim is to develop and evaluate a model of competence for upper secondary education.  
The model, still to be evaluated, should effectively describe upper secondary pupils’ existing physics competencies and in turn, should shed light on the design of teaching material and A-level tasks. In addition, it will hopefully provide information about the development of standards and their normalization.


Methods and Analysis
• Employment of a manual for categorization of tasks  
• Expert rating on A-level examinations, tests and tasks of schoolbooks concerning assignment of basic concepts  
• Employment of a manual for construction of tasks  
• Construction of tasks concerning energy and quantization  
• Expert rating on the correspondence between tasks and the predicted features of the model  
• Piloting, evaluating and revising of the test  
• Assessment in selected federal states of Germany (BW, NW, ST, RP)  
• Evaluation of the collected data  
• Competence test with 215 tasks in a multi-matrix design  
• Control of cognitive ability with KFT 5-12+R  
• Questionnaire for interest and motivation  
• TIMSS Advanced for reviewing ex-ternal validity
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