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Homework in the Chemistry classroom
<b>Chemistry Education<br> <br> <br> </b>
Chemistry Education

Project Leader    
Prof Dr. Elke Sumfleth  
Dr. Hubertina Thillmann  
Project Collaborateur    
Katja Stief  


Grant reference: SU 187/6
Background, Aims and Framework
Homework motivation in chemistry education

Students tend to make a minor effort doing their homework, probably considering homework a waste of time. However, various studies have shown a positive effect of homework effort on achievement. As a result, the question arises what role motivation plays with regard to homework effort and achievement and how the latter can be affected by the nature of homework assignments.  
The goal of the study is to investigate the relationships between the qualities of assignments in chemistry education, homework motivation and achievement and to compare homework assignments in chemistry education to assignments in the domains of English, mathematics and physics.  
The study is conducted to answer the following questions:  
To what extent may homework assignments in chemistry education embedded into different learning environments positively influence students’ motivation with regard to value beliefs and expectancy beliefs?  
What effect does a variation of value beliefs and expectancy beliefs have on achievement?

Methods and Analysis
First, a variety of homework assignments are created varying in context, treatment of experiment, and level of task demands. The resulting assignments are rated by students with respect to motivation. Next, an intervention study is conducted, wherein the assignments rated positively are given an ntervention group while a control group is given negatively rated homework.  
In both phases, students are asked to fill in questionnaires on homework to   compare homework assignments in chemistry education to homework assigned in English, mathematics and physics.  
o Questionnaire on homework motivation  
o Questionnaire on homework effort  
o Questionnaire on homework quality  
o Questionnaire on parental help  
o Cognitive ability test (KFT)  
o Achievement test  
o Questionnaire on cognitive load
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