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Context and physics competenz
<b>Physics Education</b>
Physics Education
Project Leader    
Prof. Dr. Alexander Kauertz  
Prof Dr. Hans E. Fischer  
Prof. Dr. Albert Bremerich-Vos  
Project Collaborateur    
Alexandra Dorschu  



Project periode: 10.2009-9.2011  
Grant reference: FI 477/22
Background, Aims and Framework
Context and physics competence

Context is part of the new approach of tasks’ development and part of physics competence. A systematic consideration in competency models has not been possible, yet, because of the rather vague definition of context.  
Properties of contexts are used for operationalisation. They allow for investigating the relationship between context and difficulty of tasks. An existing competency model from the evaluation of national standards is extended by the dimension “context”  
  •   Operationalisation of context for large-scale-assessments  
  •   Extension of the competency model by the dimension “context”  
- Are tasks with common contexts easier than those without?  
- Is the contexts’ difficulty independent of the content area, but dependent on the contents’ awareness?  
- Is the tasks’ difficulty correlated to the contents’ awareness?

Methoden und Auswertung

1st project phase  
-   Selection of context  
-   Determination of the mean of person-situation-characteristics  
  (awareness, interestingness, self-efficacy)  
-   Questionnaire concerning awareness of situation/ content  
-   Knowledge test on the physical concepts of the context items  
2nd project phase  
-   Testing of hypotheses  
-   Competency test  
3rd project phase  
External validation  
-   Intelligence test  
-   Literacy test  
-   Questionnaire concerning interest/ motivation/ self-concept  
-   Test for the competence area “use of content knowledge”
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