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Project Quality of Instruction
The quality of instruction and the inherent structure of biological knowledge in relation to students’ achievement    
Applicants for grant: Dr. Birgit J. Neuhaus, Prof. Dr. Angela Sandmann  
Assistant in Project: Stefanie Wüsten    
Project periode:10.2006-9.2009  

Research on instructional quality identified a multitude of isolated factors influencing students’ achievement. Whereas most studies focus on general aspects of teaching, the present study intends to extend those aspects to subject-specific aspects and to examine the interaction of both.    
The aim of the present study is:    
- to analyze the significance of already known general aspects of instructional quality for biology classes,    
- to identify subject-specific aspects of instructional quality, and    
- to examine the interaction of general and subject-specific aspects.    
In a quasi-experimental design, 49 biology lessons from different teachers are videotaped. Furthermore, the students’ achievement is measured in a pre-post test design. Videos are analyzed regarding the quality of instruction. Measures of instructional quality are correlated with students’ achievement. In a second step, the results of the video study are tested for validity in an intervention study.    
Publications of the Project

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