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    New Publication: Thomas Heberer, “Disciplining of a Society. Social Disciplining and Civilizing Processes in Contemporary China”. Cambridge/Mass. (Harvard University, Kennedy School, Ash Center publication. Read online.  

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    News 2020

    APRIL 2020 New publication: Focal theme “Political Representation in China”, organized by Thomas Heberer and Anna Shpakovskaya. ASIAN SURVEY 2/2020 (contributions by Adam Przeworski, Zhongyuan Wang & Jianjun Liu, Thomas Heberer & Anna Shpakovskaya) ++++++ APRIL 2020 New publication: Thomas Heberer and Anna Shpakovskaya, Online Connective Representation in China. The Case of the Entrepreneurs. ASIAN…

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    NEWS 2019

    News – 2019 September/October 2019 Guest Professorship of Thomas Heberer at the School of Government and the Research Center for Chinese Politics, Peking University. more ++++++ September 2019 Thomas Heberer speaks at the Opening Ceremony celebrating the 120th Anniversary of the Founding of Political Science at Peking University. more ++++++ September 2019 Special issue titled …