Production Management

Lecture information


This seminar deals with current topics in the field of production. Both the corresponding production processes and the relevant methods of operations research are considered. 
The seminar provides an overview of the issues of strategic, tactical and operative production management. Different methods of Operations Research will be presented and applied to business issues, e.g. dimensioning of production, resource planning, project planning, sequencing and capacity planning.

The students 
- can define the term production and distinguish between strategic, tactical and operational tasks of production management, 
- can independently develop a limited subject area from the area of production with scientific methods and communicate the acquired knowledge in writing and orally, 
- can independently deal with questions from the area of production, such as resource planning, kanban system, or production program planning.
- can present the results of their work 
- can critically question both their own results and those of other students can critically question both their own results and those of other students
Examination requirements
1. Introduction to the current question(s) from the field of production (see above for examples) 
2. To prepare the scientific term paper 
3. Correct, understandable and structured preparation of the problem. 
4. Correct explanation of methods of operations research and, if necessary, correct application of the method on the basis of a simple practical example from the area of production. 
5. Critical reflection of the results 
6. Presentation of the written elaborations 
7. Critical discussion of the results in the seminar group

On a weekly basis:
- Mondays: from: 08.04.2019 14:30 - 16:00 MC 351
- Wednesday: from: 15.04.2019 14 :30 - 16:00 MG 272

Type of Course: Lecture
Language: German
Semester rotation: Summer term