Seminar Production and Operations Management

Dates - Winter term 18/19


From Monday 01.10.2018 until Tuesday 12.10.2018
(E-Mail to

(Registration must include the matriculation number, whether you have already attended the seminar and which of the three courses (POM1, POM2, Methods POM) you have already successfully completed.

Introductory course (mandatory)

Tuesday, 16.10.2018, 09.00 - 11:00 Uhr in BC 003

Cancellation (Mail to adviser)

possible until Friday, 09.11.2018

Submission of term papers

until Friday, 14.12.2018 until 12:00 am

Presentation (Mandatory)

Dates will be announced


*we shall confirm your registration via Email. For the Seminar, there are a total of 16 seats available. Students who are at the end of their studies and need the Seminar as one of the last exams or have previously failed the Seminar will be given priority. The remaining free slots will be given only after receiving the registration.