Philosophical Anthropology & Ethics

Research Group

Philosophy Department
Duisburg-Essen University

Philosophical Anthropology & Ethics

Research Group

Philosophy Department, Duisburg-Essen University

Moral intuitions

In progress

A. Burgbacher, Die psychologische Natur moralischer Intutionen und ihre moralische Relevanz. Ph.D. thesis.

T. Gutmann, Moral ohne Prinzipien. Ph.D. thesis.

H. Sauer, Moral Thinking, Fast and Slow. A Triple-Process Account (under contract at Routledge)

H. Sauer, Educated Intuitions. A Rationalist Theory of Moral Judgment (under contract at The MIT Press)

H. Sauer, The Weakest Link. Can Metaethics Protect Our Moral Beliefs from Debunking? (under review)

H. Sauer, The Curious Case of Pushing Buttons. What Can We Learn from Moral Judgments About Unrealistic Scenarios? (under review)


N. Roughley, Fälle und Narration in der Moralphilosophie, in: L. Aschauer, H. Gruner, T. Gutmann (eds.), Fallgeschichten. Text- und Wissensformen exemplarischer Narrative in der Kultur der Moderne. Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann 2015, 253-268.

H. Sauer, Can’t We All Disagree More Constructively? Moral Foundations, Moral Reasoning, and Political Disagreement, Neuroethics 8 (2), 153-169.


H. Sauer, Educated Intuitions. Automaticity and Rationality in Moral Judgment, Philosophical Explorations, 15 (3), 255-275.

H. Sauer, Morally Irrelevant Factors. What’s left of the dual-process model of moralcognition?, Philosophical Psychology, 25 (6), 783-811.


Koehler, Sebastian, Thought-Experiments, Disagreement, and Moral Realism, in: Grazer Philosophische Studien 80: 245-252