Our goal with MetaEssen is to provide a bian­nu­al for­um for philo­soph­ers, espe­cially more juni­or philo­soph­ers in or around Europe, to share new work in a con­geni­al envir­on­ment on a top­ic of recent interest con­cern­ing the nature of eth­ics, under­stood broadly to include famil­i­ar metaethic­al ques­tions on the meta­phys­ics, epi­stem­o­logy, semantics, and psy­cho­logy of norm­ativ­ity, but also less famil­i­ar ques­tions where the bound­ar­ies between metaethics and norm­at­ive eth­ics might be less sharp. The format involves extens­ive dis­cus­sion of pre-read papers.

Next MetaEssen:

MetaEssen V: Fittingness and the Wrong Kind of Reason, January 21st 2021

Past MetaEssen:

MetaEssen IV: Debunking and Disagreemant, January 23rd 2020


MetaEssen III: Structural Rationality, November 23rd 2018


MetaEssen 2: Fittingness in Ethics. Essen, April, 27th 2018


MetaEssen 1: Conceptual Engineering in Metaethics. Essen, January, 19th 2018

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