Final Theses

I am able to supervise your final thesis in various degree programs offered by the Institute of Political Science (BA Political Science, BA Social Sciences, MA International Relations and Development Policy, MA Development and Governance). Topics can come from any subfield of International Relations and Peace and Conflict Studies. Please contact me as early as possible with a brief outline of your proposed thesis.

After agreeing on a topic you should prepare a research proposal (4-5 pages for a BA thesis, 6-8 pages for an MA thesis) covering the following points:

  1. Which topic or problem are you addressing and what is its scientific or practical relevance?
  2. What is your research question? Which hypotheses do you have or what is your argument?
  3. What is the state of research on this particular question?
  4. What methods will you be using? Please also address other methodological questions, e.g. about case selection or the operationalization of key concepts.
  5. A detailed work plan.
  6. The literature you have surveyed so far.

If you speak German, you are expected to take part in my Colloquium for Final Thesis.

Helpful links (in German):