Group for Environmental Metagenomics


Oct 2023: The section "Environmental Metagenomics" receives the ERC Synergy Award.

Oct 2022: The new section "Environmental Metagenomics" of the Research Center One Health is launched.

Welcome to the Group for Environmental Metagenomics

Our group investigates structures of healthy and diseased ecosystems with the specific topics of

  1. Microbe-microbe interaction

  2. Virus-host interaction and virocells

  3. Cultivation of aquatic microorganisms

  4. Microbial communities under stress conditions

For more information on the projects and our funding here.


GEM in December 2022 - from back to front: Panagiotis Adam, Carrie Moore, Ines Pothmann, Sabrina Eisfeld, Adrián Rodrigo Fuentes Miranda, Lennard Stach, Thomas Beesley, Till Bornemann, Sophie Simon, Indra Banas, Sarah Esser, Maximiliane Ackers, Perla Abigail Figueroa-Gonzalez, Julian Künkel, Katharina Sures, Ismael Hayani, Cristina Moraru, Lea Griesdorn, Jannis Becker, Jörn Starke, Alexander Probst, Victoria Turzynski, Julia Plewka, Komal Preet Kaur, Julia Nuy, Manan Shah, Ken Dreger,  André Soares.

Gem Group Sep 2021

GEM in September 2021 - back row: Benjamin Meyer, Sophie Simon, Thomas Beesley, Till Bornemann, Lennard Stach, Yassin Kaspareit, Ken Dreger, Panagiotis Adam, Jörn Starke, Alexander Probst; middle row: Victoria Turzynski, Indra Monsees, Ines Pothmann, Katharina Sures, Katharina Block, Lara Schmalenstroer, Selin Yalcin, Lea Griesdorn, Sarah Esser; front row: Carrie Moore, Manan Shah, André Soares, Perla Abigail Figueroa-Gonzalez

GEM 2019

GEM in May 2019 - back row: Perla Abigail Figueroa-Gonzalez, Lara Schlootz, Panagiotis Adam, Till Bornemann, Indra Monsees, Sabrina Eisfeld, Alexander Probst; front row: Patricia Geesink (guest), Victoria Turzynski, Svenja Parge, Katharina Siems

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Head of group
Prof. Dr. Alexander Probst

Room: S05 T02 A30
Phone: +49 (201) 183 - 7080

Postal address
University of Duisburg-Essen 
Department of Chemistry
Research Center One Health
S05 T02 A30
Universitätsstr. 5, D-45141 Essen